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Soil Moisture Monitoring

When Irrigation Matters began offering water monitoring and measuring technology to growers in 2010, our goal was and continues to be to use the technology to grow better crops. This differentiation has set us apart from many of our competitors. We align ourselves with the best hardware vendors, software and more importantly personnel available to the marketplace.

Irrigation Matters has partnered with innovative companies to meet all the unique crop needs and goals of growers throughout California. Each partner brings a distinctive set of capabilities to offer our growers solutions in soil, environmental, hardware options, irrigation, and reporting.


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Benefits and Services


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Equipment by Crop or Goal


Equipment by Crop or goalEquipment by Crop or goal2

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Pest Modeling

pest modeling

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Our efforts to help grow better crops are supported by multiple hardware vendors allowing us to target customer goals better than a one size fits all solution. Our current hardware vendors are Climate Minder, Davis Instruments, Decagon, John Deere, Ranch Systems, Sentek and Seametrics.


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