Three of your most important decisions: When to irrigate, for how long, and when to irrigate again.

Irrigation scheduling

Getting your plants the right amount of water, when they need it, for an entire season is a big deal. So is:
  • Staying within your water budget
  • Using your energy & labor efficiently
  • Making sure the fields are dry when work needs to be done
Is it possible to do it all?
We help you use your in-field data to understand what your plants need, so you (or we) can make an irrigation schedule that works for your plants, your people and your operation.

We do this through Irrigation Consulting.

Why Irrigation Scheduling?

Irrigation Matters has consulting options that put the needs of your operation first.

With our Irrigation Scheduling consulting:

  • You’ll be working with a team (not just one person) who knows your fields & data
  • Your program is personalized to your specific goals
  • Any advice or recommendations come from an irrigation specialist who is experienced in using technology for scheduling irrigations

See the programs we offer below.

I.S. Pro

I.S. Pro gives you the full scope of support for making irrigation decisions in a personalized, easy-to-understand way.

If your operation would benefit from using all in-field tools and having an experienced team to help make irrigation decisions, I.S. Pro is a good fit.

Decision Support

Decision Support gives you on-demand guidance to help you use your in-field data to make irrigation decisions.

If your operation would benefit from having reliable support in using your sensor data to make irrigation calls, Decision Support is a good fit.

Understanding Frequency & Duration

Irrigation scheduling is the process of taking in-field moisture data & measurements and using them to build a schedule that gives you the frequency & duration of your upcoming irrigations.


Light textured soils hold less water, so water will move past the root zone if irrigation is left on too long. Heavier textured soils hold more water, so its necessary to leave the water for irrigation on longer to fill the root zone.


Irrigating for longer means more water is applied. More water applied means the trees can go longer between irrigations (heavier textured soil). Less water applied means the trees need to be irrigated sooner. (light textured soil)

frequently asked questions

No, we provide you with the recommended irrigation schedule so that you can make the final decision and give instructions to your irrigators.

Our job is to advise you on how to best meet your goals, including any logistical considerations. You make the ultimate decision, and if you have to break from the plan, we’ll help you adjust the plan to try to get back on course.

For most permanent crops, 30-60 days prior to first irrigation of the season to allow for proper planning & setup that may be required.

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