Agua Flaca – Salinity Management for Sustainable Irrigation

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Agua Flaca is an irrigation water treatment, patented for its ability to flush salts further and deeper from the root zone. It is easy to apply and can be purchased at an average of 1/3 the cost of other commonly used, surfactant-based water treatment products.

Salt Accumulation in Soil


After many successive irritations, salt accumulation in the soil will appear at the edges of the wet pattern. This pattern can signify a high salinity situation and that there are more salts in the soil than the plant has the ability to loose. Extra salts can lead to water infiltration problems and decreased nutrient uptake.

Water Infiltration Problems


Continued irrigation of high salinity water will lead to soil dispersion, plugging and sealing of surface pores hindering the infiltration of irrigation water.  It can make it extremely difficult to supply enough water to meet the crop’s water demand as well as limits the access to nutrients.

High Sodium, Chloride or Boron


Irrigation water containing high concentrations of Sodium, Chloride or Boron can reduce yield and damage soil structure. These issues can be amplified when applied with sprinkler irrigation.

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