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Hundreds of decisions are made at your operation every day. We help make sure irrigation decisions are a priority.

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Irrigation is our specialty.
Irrigation touches everything.
Doing irrigation well makes everything else better.

Since 2008, Irrigation Matters has worked with farming companies in adopting irrigation technology, in addition to addressing water quality, efficiency, and irrigation management. Since then, we have continued to provide solutions for our customers through our 360° approach, in an effort to help them through changes in technology, regulations, and industry trends.


Built on Agronomy

Our team includes experienced, locally-trained agronomists. We understand irrigation from an agronomic perspective first, and how to leverage irrigation to benefit all areas of a farming operation. So while we’re talking irrigation schedules and crunching water data, we’re doing so with knowledge to keep plant health, soil chemistry, and maximizing production in focus.

Locally Owned & Managed

We don’t just have a local branch office; we’re based in the Central Valley and are close enough to hear and see what our customers’ needs are on a daily basis. Our management structure lets us make decisions quickly based on those needs so that when change is required, we can handle it.
We are not financially subsidized, nor do we rely on decision makers outside of our company. Our business decisions are between us, our customer, and our vendors.

We're Still Here

Like many of you, we’ve been through the good, bad, and ugly in finding the best irrigation technology available. We’ve been doing irrigation management since 2008.  We’ve watched many promising companies come and go, leaving us all with a pile of obsolete hardware and the question, “now what?” Through it all, we’ve established partners and developed a fully vetted line of products and services that give our customers the most informed, reliable and valuable irrigation management solutions out there. We can’t promise that technology won’t change, but we can promise that we’ll help you navigate the changes as smoothly as possible.

Our Affiliated Companies

We are an affiliate in a group of agriculture companies, based in Central California, with specialties in irrigation management, crop advising, fertilizers, field data management and regulatory compliance.This network helps us understand the challenges of farming, beyond irrigation, so that what we offer is realistic and integrated. It also lets customers access related, quality products and services from these companies with often little-to-no extra effort.

Vetted Technology

With every new irrigation technology that becomes available, our team is testing it for accuracy, durability, and overall value. We work hard to know our customers’ needs and, when products fit those needs, to make the products accessible to our customers. Through our industry network, we choose our partners, and we confidently recommend the products that we offer.

Tailored Setup

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to in-field sensors, water amendment equipment, in-field reports, and other irrigation management hardware. We have the ability and flexibility to match an operation’s needs to the best technology and installation. With that comes more reliable results, fewer problems and an overall better investment.

Experienced & Reliable Service

Our award winning in-field technicians have many years of experience installing, servicing and troubleshooting the hardware and software in this industry, which is tough to do with so many products coming and going. We’re committed to getting customers equipment and data they can rely on, which requires correct installation, service, and minimal downtime. Our customer support team is local and equally experienced, making sure that customers get answers and help fast, with as few touchpoints as possible.

Understanding of Local Crops & Soils

We know how challenging it can be to take a product that works great in the Midwest, or in another country, and figure out how to apply it to a California crop. We do that work for our customers. All of our products and services are extensively tested on, and many designed specifically for, local crops and soils.
This is true even for software used by our Wingman™ Irrigation Consulting programs. Instead of using models developed in other parts of the world, ours was designed to provide irrigation schedules based on California models, and created specifically for local crops, weather conditions and farming practices.

Training Provided

We specialize in three areas of training: using irrigation-related data, operating in-field equipment and methods for estimating soil/plant moisture, with more areas added regularly. Our goal is to make sure that whatever equipment or method a company invests in, their team is adequately trained to get the value from it.
We partner with Dirty Boots™ which provides training for in-field teams to quickly learn to use and maintain in-field sensors, gypsum applicators, sulfur burners and others, so that the equipment is used as expected and lasts as long as it should. Dirty Boots™ also provides training for estimating soil/plant moisture like pressure bombing so customers can rely on these skill sets internally.

We simplify

Irrigation management can be overwhelming and confusing. We do the opposite. We do our best to simplify and make it as easy as possible for you and your organization.

our promises

We help you invest well

There is a lot of irrigation technology that comes and goes, and it’s important for us to help you find the best fit for your operation.

We help you stay up on regulations

Regulations are constantly changing and hard to navigate. We help you make decisions considering current and upcoming regulatory requirements.

We help you make the most of your investment

We’ll help you make the most of your equipment whether that be learning to trust & use the data, getting the right recommendation, or training your team on proper maintenance so your equipment lasts as long as it should.

Effective communication is on us

We learn how your organization communicates, so that every member of your team, and ours, is working towards a goal of making better irrigation decisions.

why work with us

why work with us

Locally Owned & Managed

Being local has its advantages. We’re close enough to hear and see what our customers needs are. And we get to make decisions quickly.

We're Still Here

Like you, we’ve been through the good, bad, and ugly in finding the best irrigation technology available. We’ve been here since 2008, and we’re optimistic about the future.

Our Network of Companies

We are part of a network of agriculture companies. Our connections help us understand your challenges beyond irrigation and bring you realistic and comprehensive solutions.

our affiliates

Irrigation Matters is an affiliate of Vanguard Ag, a group of companies that provides integrated services throughout California.

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