Irrigation Matters

Acid Line Flushing

An effective treatment program for maintaining functional drip systems

Salinity Management

Irrigation water treatment, patented for its ability to flush salts past the root zone

Employee Training

Irrigation treatment equipment, proper line flushing, water treatment products & winterization of application equipment

Remote Irrigation Management

Manage irrigation water, soil amendments and fertilizers

Water Infiltration Issues

Push water deeper into the soil

Irrigation products, services and equipment to support California growers dealing with poor water quality, irrigation maintenance and water management.

What We Offer


Water Quality Treatment & Equipment

We supply irrigation water quality products and equipment to support our valley’s changes in water quality.


Remote Field Management

Our Eyes Under the Soil allows you to irrigate the right amount at the right time. Monitor soil, plant conditions, weather and more.


Irrigation System Maintenance

Overtime water treatments can cause buildup in irrigation lines, leading to uneven distribution in the field. System maintenance can help it run at optimum performance.


Hands on Water Quality Service

Each of our products and services are back up with the best service in the industry. Our goal is to establish an ongoing relationship with growers to meet their irrigation and production goals.

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Salinity Management

Agua Flaca is an irrigation water treatment, patented for its ability to flush salts further and deeper from the root zone. It is easy to apply and can be purchased at an average of 1/3 the cost of other commonly used, surfactant-based water treatment products.

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